Lucky Kings Bun, Port Dickson

The famous "Curry Chicken Bun" from Lukut (near Port Dickson).

I had organize a trip to Port Dickson and we had a stop session for lunch at Lukut, Port Dickson.Me, my hubby, Shawn, Yuko & Karen were at this check point for lunch.
Where to eat in Port Dickson? Restaurant in Port Dickson? As you go along the trunk road leading to Port Dickson you will notice KFC on your left (before the traffic light). Restaurant Lucky Lukut Seafood is on your right (before the traffic light).

The crowd starts flowing in at lunch hour because the shop only start serving Chicken Curry Bun around that time. Just look at the amount of buns sold at 1pm, when the VeryLapar crew just got there.
More than half gone man!

Look at the shinny huge size of the Curry Chicken Bun! For sure when I visit Port Dickson again, I will sure past by here again for the delicious Curry Chicken Bun! Try For Your Self & you will really love the taste. Ichiban Neh!.....

I heard many customers form outstation such as KL, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka even Singapore and Hong Kong came all the way here to this famous bread! Can you believe that? Wow!!
We are one of them from KL to come across trying out this delicious Chicken Curry Bun..
The size of the bun is not like the normal bun. It is as big as a pamelo! Even the way of cutting for the bun is very similar as cutting a pamelo!

Without further ado, we ordered our own Chicken Curry Bun, which was promptly served after 5 minutes of our order placement. The staff swiftly and efficiently peel open the garlic bun, unleashing the aluminium foil wrapper containing the chicken curry, and the aroma of the warm garlic bun and chicken curry mercilessly attacked our sniffing glands (or whatever the doctors calls it).

First they slice the bread in a star shape presentation.The curry chicken is pre-baked and wrapped inside the bun.Dip the bun into the curry and it will taste heavenly, I promise you. We ordered the small one which cost Rm 20 and if you want to get the large one will be at RM 25. Is worth the money to take this for lunch if you are in Port Dickson for holiday.

The peeled open scene and the secret ingredients within.
The chicken, cooked just nice, smooth texture, good to chew but not as nasty as rubber, spiciness - just nice.
When we dipped the garlic bun into the curry, after the bun absorbed all the essence in the curry into it.The garlic bun did quite a part of the job in making this dish popular.
The curry chicken was thick and delicious!

Main Branch:

Lucky Seafood PD Restaurant
No. 4366, Taman Aman, Jalan Besar
71010 Lukut, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Tel: +606 6512392


U Lucky Seafood Restaurant (Seremban)
76, Jalan Toman 4
Kemayan Square, Seremban


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